Akamai, Apple's QuickTime media partner, announced the expansion of its global server network to 1,200 servers, at the Internet World exhibition, New York. The servers are spread across 24 countries using 40 different networks.

The idea behind Akamai's work is to offer content delivery services the opportunity to speed up site performance and reliability.

The company uses multiple network providers on a global scale . Teaming up with backbone providers, Web hosting companies and ISP's. Akamai FreeFlow software will allow data a choice of routes to a local server and then to an end user, Akamai can offer the fast access it sets itself up to provide.

With recent investment in the company from both Apple and Microsoft, industry insiders believe Akamai is making moves in the right direction. The adoption of FreeFlow Streaming, also recently announced, means the company is well on the way to being able to offer live video and audio streams online, and on demand.

"Akamai customers are requesting the same level of reliability and performance for streaming media as they experience with our FreeFlow service," said George Conrades, chairman and CEO of Akamai: "In co-operation with our development partners - Apple, Microsoft and RealNetworks - we are excited to make high-quality streaming media a realisation for Web site owners and Internet users worldwide."

FreeFlow is capable of redirecting interrupted streaming-sessions through other, less congested paths, so offering viewers the best quality image or sound available online.

This, coupled with a network of 1,200 servers, is what made Tuesday’s live broadcast on QuickTime by Apple's Steve Jobs, possible.