UK-based Cable and Wireless (C&W) has asked the US Courts to forbid Akamai Technologies from selling one of its key products.

Akamai's EdgeSuite solution sidesteps Internet congestion by finding alternative paths for information to travel. C&W claims Akamai's solution incorporates technology to which it holds a patent.

Apple has substantial investments in Akamai, and has used the company extensively to deliver QuickTime content across the Web.

C&W claims its Internet optimal-routing technology is protected by a patent covering the HHARP (Host-to-Host Adaptive Routing Protocol). The company wants the courts to prevent Akamai selling EdgeSuite until it removes HHARP technology from it.

Akamai condemns the London-based company's claims: "We believe we do not infringe on the technology patent," said company spokesman Jeff Young. "The claims are totally without merit."

The injunction, Young said, "has nothing to do with preventing us from selling EdgeSuite".

No trial or hearing dates have been set.