Akamai, Apple’s Web infrastructure provider, has launched StorageFlow - its managed-storage service.

Akamai's storage services will use storage hardware, software and services from several vendors, and will be scaleable to individual requirements. Akamai will also add data-replication, management, high-availability and network performance technologies, which are part of its EdgeAdvantage platform, to its service.

EdgeAdvantage is the name for Akamai’s worldwide content and streaming-media delivery infrastructure.

Partner Akamai has also announced a partnership with storage-service provider Scale Eight. Scale Eight provides a service called MediaStore, which uses parallel systems technology to combine hundreds of processors with thousands of disk drives, and deliver terabytes of streaming- and rich-media files quickly, according to the company.

StorageFlow gives customers a single point of contact for storage and content delivery, and the ability to rapidly increase the amount of storage they have. In addition, StorageFlow provides usage-based billing and the ability to replicate content across multiple sites for fault-tolerance.

Industry analyst Dataquest predicts the storage-service market will grow to $8 billion by 2003.