Akamai has announced EdgeSuite, a service designed to help Web sites deliver customized, dynamic content to end users.

Apple holds shares in Akamai, and uses the company's international server infrastructure to host its own Web site.

EdgeSuite improves on Akamai's FreeFlow service, which supports the delivery of static, large objects such as photos, ad banners and video from 4,250 Akamai servers located around the world.

Advance Kieran Taylor, Akamai's director of product marketing, said: "EdgeSuite gives Web sites the ability to deliver content that was not possible until now."

The service makes use of the company's Akaimizer content-routing technology as well as its network of deployed servers.

Taylor added: "We improved the performance of FreeFlow so more of the Web-site content is cached at the edge of the network, which improves the experience of the end users."

Results The company suggests that sites that display static ad banners and logos using EdgeSuite may be able to include stock quotes or sports scores that change frequently.

One analyst said EdgeSuite offers a significant, new service by allowing Web sites to cache and deliver dynamic content from the edge of the network.

Peter Christy, Jupiter Communication's research director, said: "This is a big step forward in content delivery through the caching networks. It's a good indication that the Internet content network is at the beginning of a long evolution."

The service will be available in December.