Former US vice president and Apple board member Al Gore is to be given a lifetime achievement award at the Webby Awards in June.

The move recognises the effort Gore has made to help promote the Internet, and also appears likely to end discussion of a much misunderstood Gore claim to have invented the Internet he made to CNN in 1998.

The facts behind that latter assertion were that when being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer in the context of a discussion about the laws needed to transform the then university/military-only research network into the public Internet, Gore said: "During my service in the US Congres, I took the initiative in creating the Internet". He pushed for law changes to help open up the research network as the Internet we use today.

The Webby Special Achievement Award aims to: "Set the record straight on one of recent history's most persistent political myths.

"The Webby Awards will present Gore with 'The Webby Lifetime Achievement Award' in recognition of the pivotal role he has played in the development of the Internet over the past three decades. Vint Cerf, widely credited as one of the "fathers of the Internet," will present Vice President Gore with the award."