Aladdin Systems is making light of reported losses of $7,222 for the second-quarter.

The company’s performance over the last six months also saw it return revenues of $5,028,790 – a net loss of $141,262. Alarmingly, the company returned an income of $695,528 in the same period last year.

In its second quarter, Aladdin’s revenue increased by 25 per cent to $2,633,530, against $2,111,695 in the same period last year.

Company CEO Jonathan Kahn struggled to put a positive spin on the figures, saying that sales costs had decreased by eight per cent in the quarter – and adding that the company had in the period enjoyed a 7 per cent increase in Web-based sales.

Aladdin acquired its second Palm OS product, GoBar, in the quarter. It also launched major updates to Spring Cleaning and Aladdin Tuner.