As Apple's Switch campaign gathers momemtum, Aladdin Systems and Detto Technologies have joined forces to offer PC and Mac communication solutions.

Aladdin already offers a host of products, mainly to the Mac market. These include StuffIt, iClean and more. Detto Technologies manufactures the Move2Mac solution discussed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during his Macworld Expo keynote. Move2Mac ships September/October in the UK and costs in the region of £50.

In a release, the companies state: “In an effort to enable computer users to upgrade to a new computer or platform with ease we are working together to offer users a single, safe, easy, and efficient solution for moving files safely and securely from their old to their new computer.”

Larry Mana, CEO of Detto Technologies, said: “One of the hardest things about migrating from one computer to another is dealing with computer clutter. Through the Detto and Aladdin partnership, consumers have a solution to migrate files and settings, as well as an added solution to compress important files and clean-up their hard drive.”

Aladdin CEO Jonathan Kahn said: “The partnership offers customers a great solution for exchanging and communicating information and data between computers using the same platform or different operating systems,”