Aladdin is shipping Spring Cleaning 3.5, the latest version of its uninstaller for the Mac.

Spring Cleaning contains 13 utilities for organizing and "cleaning" the Mac's hard drive by searching for and removing unwanted files, applications and folders.

The software now includes iClean, which gets rid of Internet clutter and ensures privacy when using the Web. It's a standalone desktop-tool that removes Web-browsing tracks left by Web cache files, Internet histories, cookies, and so on. It also reattaches aliases and empties the trash.

Spring Cleaning 3.5 has a new search filter that narrows searches and produces more finely-tuned results. Users can now select from a full search of programs, or browse for a specific application in need of cleaning. Other new features include saving lists created by searches, and a resizable results window.

Spring Cleaning 3.5 is available from Aladdin for $49.95.