Aladdin Systems' parent company, Aladdin Systems Holdings, has announced its fourth-quarter and year-end results.

The company ended the quarter with a net income of $217,425, which compares favourably to the $63,261 for the same period last year. While good news for the quarter, the company still lost $362,743 during the year.

Company CEO Jonathan Kahn said: "Although we concluded 2000 with a profitable quarter, and were gratified by the gains made, it's disappointing that those profits were not sufficient to bring us into the black for the full year."

Last year, Aladdin shipped over a dozen new products, upgraded five existing products and launched new offerings for the Palm and Linux markets.

"The industry challenges we faced last year continue, and are presently exacerbated by the current uncertainty in the overall economy and volatility on Wall Street. We continue to evaluate additional steps we can take to better position Aladdin for growth and profitability," said Kahn.

Last week, Aladdin announced its release of StuffIt Deluxe 6.0.1, an OX-friendly version of its compression utility.

Aladdin's Macintosh products include Stuffit Deluxe for Mac, Aladdin Transporter 1.0, DropStuff, Aladdin Tuner, DragStrip, IntelliNews and more.