Opera and Aladdin Systems have agreed to promote each other’s products.

Opera Software, developers of the multi-platform Opera Web browser, and Aladdin Systems, makers of StuffIt file-compression software, will co-market and distribute each other’s products through their distribution channels.

The Opera browser will be available for download and purchase from Aladdin’s online store.

StuffIt will be distributed on Opera’s CDs. It will also be promoted on banner ads on Opera’s MyOpera Community site.

“Opera is the fastest and most functional Web browser,” enthused Mark Leitch, Aladdin’s vice president of sales. “It echoes many of the design principles of our StuffIt products: helping people exchange and access information in a faster, more reliable, and secure manner, regardless of which computing platform they use.”

Opera Software recently released its fourth beta version of Opera 5.0 for Mac OS X.

This version introduces new features, including QuickTime, and scroll-wheel mouse support.

Last month, Aladdin announced a fourth-quarter revenue surge of 37 per cent from Q3 2001.

A Q4 2001 profit was announced for the company’s fourth quarter and year-end 2001 results.