Aladdin Systems, the publisher of Mac utilities such as MacTicker, Stuffit Deluxe and Stuffit Expander, has announced record profits for 1999.

The company posted a record revenue of $10,097,661 and a net income of $975,625. This is compared to revenue of $8,002,518 and net income of $580,183 last year.

However, the company warned it expects to show a loss for the first part of 2000, as a result of becoming a public company and investing in its infrastructure.

Aladdin's CEO Jonathan Kahn, said: "In the short term, we would expect to show modest quarterly losses, as a result of merger and acquisition activities - such as the recently completed acquisition of Trexar Technologies. However, given our current level of business, and the prospects before us, we fully expect to report both growth and profits for the year ending December 31, 2000."