Aladdin Systems has updated its StuffIt Expander, DropStuff and DropZip utilities to version 6.

All three work with Mac OS X public beta.

StuffIt Expander has become an internationally accepted standard, version 6.0 offers better file support, and it decompresses the most common and popular file types, including .sit (StuffIt), .zip and .uu, as well as 18 others.

Compression DropStuff is Aladdin's compression utility. The manufacturer's claim the utility offers up to 20 per cent better compression than other formats, such as .zip files.

DropZip is a flexible compression solution. It's been designed for mixed-platform networks and understands both .zip and .sit archives.

StuffIt Expander is free; DropStuff and DropZip can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial period. Users of DropStuff 4.5 or earlier can upgrade to DropStuff 6.0 for $15. Users of DropStuff 5 or later can upgrade for free.

Registered owners of DropStuff, DropZip or StuffIt Lite can upgrade to StuffIt Deluxe 6.0 for $29.95.