Aladdin Systems is shipping PowerTicker 2.0, its portfolio-management and stock-watching utility.

The program tracks and manages investments. It’s a specialized browser that collects information from financial sites, and displays the gathered data in the form of a scrolling-ticker bar.

The ticker bar delivers updated stock quotations. The secondary part of the utility, the personal-portfolio manager, analyzes the information and calculates the performance of investments. It can calculate losses and gains for each security held. The interface can be configured to display performance data based on the previous day’s closing prices.

Alert PowerTicker also offers a fully customizable system of alerts. Based on a number of configurable parameters, including "Above Amount", "Below Amount", "Percentage Gain", and "Percentage Loss", PowerTicker will tell the user when an alert condition occurs.

Alerts come in visual, audio and email forms. The utility can also send email stock-alerts to digital phones, pagers or hand-helds.

PowerTicker costs $29.95, and is available from Aladdin. An upgrade costs $9.95, for MacTicker owners. UK pricing is not yet available for the product. Aladdin products are distributed by Computers Unlimited in the UK.