Aladdin Systems has released iClean 4.0.

iClean removes Internet and Web browsing tracks by clearing out cache files, Internet histories and cookies. It also summarizes items to be deleted.

A new feature to version 4.0 of this cleanup software is Cookie Editor. This edits Web cookies for improved browsing.

Cookies binned The Cookie Editor helps to decide which cookies to keep and get rid of. This feature provides information on cookies, such as location, expiration date and security information.

Pauline Shumake, iClean product manager, said: "With concerns over Internet privacy, iClean provides relief for avid Internet users who want to ensure their tracks are quickly removed."

iClean will ship with Spring Cleaning 4.0, which was released earlier this month.

A free trial of iClean is available for download.

iClean will retail for $19.95. Upgrades from version 3.5 can be purchased for $14.95. No UK pricing is available yet.