Aladdin Systems has announced that IntelliNews 3.0 is shipping.

IntelliNews allows users to browse through headlines from a number of Internet news sources.

Headlines are sub-divided by category to help users find features quickly. IntelliNews provides sports, weather, stock and movie information.

Generation Net Director of Aladdin’s Internet division Jason Foodman says: "IntelliNews is a daily newspaper for the Internet generation, designed with today’s fast lifestyle in mind.

"Intellinews makes it easy for our users to get their daily fix of news, weather, stocks, sports and entertainment, without having to waste time
visiting numerous web sites."

The release has a "Movies" section, which allows users to get show
times for theatres, find reviews of recent releases, or browse
through the latest entertainment headlines.

Customize The Station Interpreter Assistant enables users to add their own content to the program. IntelliNews 3.0 also features an update assistant that will automatically update the IntelliNews source files.

Users need a PowerPC based Macintosh running OS 8.1 or later with at
least 6MB RAM. AOL and CompuServe are supported.