Alias|Wavefront has announced its fourth consecutive worldwide 3December event, its in-depth look at the 3D industry hosted in seven cities worldwide.

The company regularly attracts thousands of 3D professionals and students who gather to see innovative 3D technologies from software and hardware companies involved in the field.

Alias|Wavefront's manager of global public relations Donna Teggart said: "We are delighted to bring 3December to seven cities around the world for the fourth year." The cities are London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo.

Localized The organizers have assembled specific events for each city, designing these to reflect the state of the 3D industry in each country. Attendees can expect guest speakers, technology demonstrations, and Maya master classes.

It is customary for Alias|Wavefront to offer a public preview of the next iteration of its industry-standard 3D application, Maya. Over the years, attendees have also become used to hearing from senior film-industry designers discussing the use of 3D applications in making movies. Full details for the London event are not yet available, but will be announced soon on the 3December Web site.

HP, ATI and Intel sponsor the events globally. The London event is also sponsored by Macworld's sister publication, Digit.