Alias|Wavefront has launched its Maya Masters programme, developed to honour Maya artists as well as to mentor students.

Four artists have been chosen to promote the programme: Dirk Bialluch; Chris Landreth; Nobuo Takahashi; and Habib Zargarpour.

Each one has, in Alias|Wavefront's opinion, made significant contributions to the computer-graphics industry, based on their breakthrough use of Maya technology or contributions to the community through training and education.

"I'm very pleased to be part of a programme whose goal is to honour 3D artists and provide mentoring to young, or new artists," says computer-graphics filmmaker and Maya Master, Chris Landreth. He adds: "3D animation is an amazing field to be in today, and I hope that this programme encourages those on the edge to try it out."

The company has launched the Maya Masters Web site where biographies of each master are available beside a synopsis of their portfolio and in-depth interviews.