Alicia Keys has three iPods but hasn't yet managed to get them set up, she revealed during this morning's iTunes Music Store launch in London.

Keys is engaged in a European tour promoting her new single 'Diary' which is available now. She took time from this to appear and perform at Apple's launch.

Introducing Keys, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "We are very lucky today, as we have with us 23-year old Alicia Keys. She's touring at the moment, but she took time to be with us here today."

The musician performed a version of Ray Charles' classic hit, 'Night and Day', dropping in a line which said: "You know the nighttime is the best time to listen to iTunes".

Calling iTunes "kind of revolutionary", she said: "The thing I really love about iTunes is the fact that you can get exclusives there. I have an exclusive available on iTunes," she said.

"I haven't managed to get my iPod set-up yet," she added, revealing that she has three of Apple's market-leading music players.

Jobs and Keys embraced as she left the stage, and Jobs said: "There's a digital music revolution throughout the world. We can't wait to see the reaction from music fans across Europe. Thank you very much, we're proud to be here – thank you," and left the stage.

More notes form the launch are available here.

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