Titan Computer, publisher of the Mac version of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, is to launch a new title – Alien Nations.

Alien Nations is a real-time strategy game developed for the PC by JoWood Productions. It contains elements of traditional "god" games, with players starting with one nation and a tiny population. The challenge is to build a thriving community and sufficient population to see off any attack from hostile races.

Like Deadlock and Warcraft, races must gather resources, develop science, engage in trade, and communicate with each other using diplomats.

The action is 3D and is organized into a series of campaigns. The title supports multi-player network gaming, and will be available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

A demo is available for download from Macgamefiles.com. Alien Nations needs a 266MHz or faster Power Mac, 96MB RAM, 200MB virtual memory. A graphics card with 6MB of dedicated video RAM is recommended for best results. It's set to ship in early November.