Eovia has released Amapi 3D version 6.

The revised application was first previewed at Macworld Expo, San Francisco 2001. Amapi is a 3D solution for designers. Images created using the application, such as the Zippo lighter above, can be published on the Web or in print. The application costs £299, but a Mac OS X version will not ship until next year.

Laurent Billy, product strategy manager and original creator of Amapi, revealed: "The application is already being developed for Mac OS X, but the OS X version is unlikely until Macworld San Francisco, 2002.

"To carbonize Amapi will take three or four months. It will be a system level job, Amapi 3D 7.0 will be a rebuilt application with new code and new functionality. Version 7.0 will enter beta-testing soon."

He continued: "Amapi 3D version 6 is by far the most accomplished version of Amapi 3D ever. A lot of work has been done to enhance its features while ensuring it remains efficient and user-friendly."

CAD communication The application has been given more export formats and it can communicate with many other applications, including CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems and broadcast-animation programs.

New features include Amapi's ability to use and render height and relief maps, and to wrap a grey-scale image around a sphere or cone. A series of new organic textures have also been created and a Material Editor - for adjusting shapes, light and textures - has been added.

New primitive objects have been added and the Extrusion command has been improved to provide "more creative power to designers". Through the use of Eovia's ZAP technology, exported files are small - an animated image can take up less than 15K.

Billy said: "The first thing we'll do on OS X will be the Amapi Player – we have found it much easier to create players for OS X than in OS 9.x."

The application is available from Computers Unlimited.