Eovia will later this release a new generation of its Amapi modelling software, and intends splitting the application into separate product lines.

Eovia CEO Antoine Clappier said of the forthcoming Amapi 7: "This is a brand-new product with a fresh look, even better ergonomics and a dramatically improved set of features and characteristics. The new version has been rewritten from scratch.'

Two versions of Amapi will be available: Amapi Designer 7 and Amapi Pro.

Amapi Designer offers new 3D modelling tools capable of building 3D objects and scenes, and is aimed at 3D artists and designers. Its architecture has been extended, with the introduction of Dynamic Geometry. This means 3D designers can create complex objects, while the application remembers all steps taken in the construction - allowing designers to dynamically re-edit construction parameters.

Amapi Designer offers new real-time 3D display engines and support for the latest versions of OpenGL. Its user interface is fully customizable, and ships with two themed interfaces. The interface integrates multi-view windows and offers complete control of all the model preview modes. The software also lets users define objects such as Masters, and then plant clones of these within a composition. If the Master object is updated, the cloned objects automatically reflect those changes.

Based on the same concept, Dynamic Symmetry Modelling lets designers build, edit and control any object by mirror copies. This feature is particularly effective when designing faces, says Eovia. Amapi Designer also lets designers work directly on any surface plane. The application supports all the major 3D file formats, the company says.

Amapi Pro promises enhanced features, including surface-modelling tools such as blending, trimming, and multi-hull. This product ships in mid-2003.

Amapi Designer ships March 31 for Mac OS X, OS 9 and Windows. It costs £329 (excluding VAT). Reduced upgrade pricing is available until March 31.