Eovia has released Amapi Designer 7, a completely rewritten version of its 3D-modelling software.

The Mac OS X-native application includes new real-time 3D-display engines; a fully customizable interface, unlimited dynamic geometry and supports more 3D file formats.

Amapi Designer 7 has completely rewritten Creative NURBS and polygon modeller. OS X, 9.x and Windows versions are available.

Eovia CEO Antoine Clappier said: "Amapi Designer 7 really is a high-end solution that lets one's imagination run free while modelling. It is built to work and think like an artist would, allowing users to express their creative talents without the hassle."

Eovia says its product's new architecture for modelling is virtually unlimited, thanks to its Dynamic Geometry. The application can also remember the complete construction history on even complex projects. This lets users dynamically re-edit all the construction parameters, manipulate profiles and position objects interactively while previewing the result.

The application offers new workspace controls, including: multi-view windows; control and memory of all selection types; and control and personalization of all preview modes. The product also lets users define an object as a master, creating copies (clones) that can be placed, sized and orientated at will. If the master object is modified, then all the cloned objects reflect those changes.

A Dynamic Symmetry Modelling feature lets users build, edit and control any object using mirror copies. The software supports designers working directly on any plane of a scene. Drawing tools operate on three reference grids.

The product is available now and costs $499. UK pricing is unavailable. Upgrade paths from previous versions exist. Further information regarding the product is available online.