will host information about a "revolutionary" device called Ginger, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs describes as being as "significant as the PC".

For the past two weeks, the information technology world has debated what the mysterious device known as Ginger is. After inventor Dean Kamen's company DEKA Research filed a patent application, reports have filtered in of it being a motorized vehicle, similar to the scooters teenagers are zooming around on these days. Kamen isn't saying a word, and neither is Steven Kemper, the journalist writing a book about this device. is offering to alert customers about Ginger's availability and says it intends to sell the product. Amazon's Web site says: "'IT,' also known as 'Ginger'' has not yet been released by its inventor. We'll be glad to notify you by email when we actually know what IT is, and if IT will be available for purchase from"

Hype Amazon says the hype surrounding Ginger is unlike anything its ever seen. "It's pretty phenomenal," said Justin Osmer, public relations manager at CEO Jeff Bezos is among the few people who've seen Ginger. Like others, he has been impressed enough by Kamen's invention to pump thousands of dollars into the product's development. Other investors include Jobs, and venture capitalist John Doerr.