Adobe’s Photoshop Elements has topped Amazon UK’s top-ten for another week.

The top ten covers Amazon’s best-selling Mac titles from June 10 to 14.

Norton SystemWorks 2.0 & Personal Firewall 2.0 Mac Bundle climbed the chart from sixth place, to reach second position.

More Adobe products occupy third and fourth places: Home Photo Studio comprising Adobe Photoshop Elements and Wacom Graphire Tablet and Pen Bundle is third, while the Photoshop 7.0 Upgrade for Mac is fourth.

Norton AntiVirus 8.0 Mac is fifth while Office Mac 10 Version Upgrade is sixth.

In seventh place lies Student Studio MX for Mac. JBuilder 6.0 Personal dropped from position three to eight, while the Norton SystemWorks 2.0 Upgrade appears at number nine. Norton SystemWorks 2.0 for Mac sits at number ten.