Adobe occupies the top three spots in this week's Amazon UK software sales chart.

In first place is Adobe's Home Photo Studio, comprising Photoshop Elements and Wacom's Graphire Tablet and Pen set. Behind this is Photoshop 7.0 Mac upgrade, while in third place lies Photoshop Elements.

Symantec maintains a strong chart presence – Norton SystemWorks 2.0 and Personal Firewall 2.0 Mac bundle is in fourth place. The company's presence continues lower down the chart – Norton Internet Security 2.0 for Mac occupies seventh place while Norton AntiVirus 8.0 for Mac takes the number eight slot.

Adobe takes a place in the charts once again, this time with vector-graphics application, Illustrator 10, which sits in fifth.

Macromedia's Studio MX Mac upgrade takes sixth place in this week's chart.

Dantz Retrospect Express enters the chart for the first time in ninth position, while Microsoft's “poster child” for Mac OS X development Microsoft Office v.X takes tenth place for the second consecutive week.