is now selling Macs through its US online computer-store.

The store, which started selling Mac software last year, is now also embracing Apple's machines.

An Amazon UK spokesperson could not confirm if the company plans to start selling Macs through its UK store.

"You can expect to follow the lead of in all areas of the business, but we can't commit or speculate on when. However, we are really pleased with the way our electronics business is going in the UK," she said.

In the US, Amazon is working with computer products distributor Ingram Micro, which will handle logistics and shipping. Amazon also has plans to sell refurbished computers, collecting commission on each sale.

The Macs will be sold in Amazon's Electronics category – the company's fastest-expanding business. The unit is the second largest after its books, music and video operations.

Carl Gish, vice president of Amazon's electronics group, said: "We expect the economics to be attractive to us from day one.

"PCs are really the last business in the electronics space for us to be in. It's a really a big opportunity for us.''