Electric Image has released version 1.1 of Amorphium Pro, its real-time 3D modelling, painting and animation program.

The update adds higher-quality rendering options to make files in Flash (.swf) format.

New features include numeric controls for line thickness of object outlines, additional shading options and the ability to control pixel samples for exporting higher quality .swf images. A drawing preferences option has been added which allows the number of windows that are updated in real time to be chosen.

Flash features Brad Parscale, vice president of sales for Electric Image, said: "We created this free update to add even more advantages for Flash developers and to fulfil feature requests we've received from customers.

Amorphium Pro began shipping last month following its announcement at Macworld Expo, San Francisco. It offers a suite of 3D-creation tools combined with a fast rendering engine. It can create images in a number of formats, including Flash, QuickTime and GIF file types.

The program - and the recent update - are available online direct from Electric Image.