Apple's devotion to secrecy is beginning to cause concern among analysts and investors.

They complain about the company's refusal to disclose more specifics about the way it runs its business or reveal the results of the sectors it plays in.

While the situation is nowhere near a critical one, it has prompted at least one analyst to suggest clients sell Apple stock, reveals CBS Marketwatch.

Robert Renck of Renck & Co complains that Apple's refusal to provide anything beyond basic details transforms the company stock into a faith-based system, demanding a huge amount of trust from investors.

Renck warns that this makes any kind of analysis of the company's future essentially unreliable, as analysts are denied a clear picture of how Apple makes money. The passion for secrecy is the only fault he sees in the company.

"Apple clearly has its feet in two separate and distinct business models, namely computer manufacturing and software creation and the consumer electronics industry," he says, reminding the company that under US Securities and Exchange Commission rules it is under some pressure to reveal more details about its performance.

In the wake of huge corporate scandals at the beginning of the century, the analyst makes a call for transparency. "Their business has changed and they should be doing it differently," he says. "Transparency is what everyone wants, and they don't want to be transparent."

Renck wants Apple to reveal separate detailed figures covering Mac and iPod sales, music-related products, peripherals and software and services.

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