Two analysts are suggesting that Apple will release a combination of new hardware and software enhancements at WWDC, with one suggesting that the new products, which will include lower-priced MacBook Air laptops, will act as catalysts for Apple’s shares and drive sales of Macs far beyond previous quarters.

Regarding next weeks’ Worldwide Developers Conference, Barclays analyst Ben Reizes wrote: “We are expecting some significant new information to be released regarding new products and further developments around the Apple Ecosystem – the ‘glue’ that sustains its momentum in our view.”

He noted that he is “particularly excited” about new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, suggesting that these new laptops will offer SSD options and adding that Apple is pricing MacBook Airs “to move.”

Reizes wrote: “We believe innovations, new software, more NAND options and more attractive pricing could catalyze sales – with the potential to double the run rate sales of portables at Apple within a few quarters,” reports MacObserver.

Based on his predictions, Reizes thinks Apple will sell a lot more Macs in its September and December quarters. He is projecting that Apple will sell 11.9 percent more Macs in the September quarter than it did at the same time last year, and 14.9 percent more Macs in the December quarter than it did at the end of 2011.

Reitzes suggests that in the run up to the launch of Windows 8 (which should happen before the end of the year) Apple will be pushing its iPad ecosystem as well as Mac OS X Mountain Lion. He wrote: “We believe Apple is very serious about getting far in front Windows 8 and Ultrabooks, leveraging the strength of the iOS franchise.”

He added: “As a result we also expect further information around the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion and the upcoming iOS 6. We believe software and services will be the focus, with major enhancements to Maps, iCloud and Siri, which developers and users can take advantage of.”

Reitzes added: “We expect Apple to show deeper native integration of iCloud into Mountain Lion and iOS 6. We believe that iCloud integration across Macs, iOS devices and Apple TV will be a major driver of customer loyalty to the Apple ecosystem in the future as customers will be able to seamlessly access both media content and personal files across devices.”

Wedge Partners’ Brian Blair also thinks that new Apple products could be a catalyst for Apple’s shares, notes Barrons. In a note to Blair said that WWDC could be a “catalyst” for the shares. He thinks that new MacBooks are most important potential development, but he expects a big change in the current rate of MacBook growth. Noting the popularity of the iPad, he writes: “We are truly in the ‘Post-PC era,’” and people are less interested in laptops.