An analyst has reiterated what we’ve all been hoping for, that Apple will launch new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models that utilise NAND storage, like that currently used in the MacBook Air's as standard, at WWDC in June.

Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes said that he expects Apple will announce new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models “in the near future”.

Reitzes wrote a note to clients saying: “We believe that Apple will be launching a refreshed line of MacBook Pros equipped with NAND storage and MacBook Airs with more NAND storage options in the very near future.” Some speculate that this will coincide with WWDC.

He believes we’ll hear more about Apple's plans for NAND flash at WWDC, “and how the company intends to maximize design and performance.”

He also expects to hear more about iCloud at WWDC: “We expect to hear about improvements to iCloud that could make consumers even more comfortable with cloud-based storage in the “Post-PC era.”

Reitzes predicts that with the launch of the new MacBooks, Apple will take market share away from the PC. He said: “We believe these products combined can ramp quarterly demand for Macs by up to 1 million incremental units on a run rate basis - taking over a point of share from HDD-based PCs.”

Reizes also noted that: “Consumers are willing to pay a premium for design and performance benefits - even if it means less storage,” reports Mac Observer.

The analyst also discussed the impact sales of tablets and smartphones are having on PC sales, noting that Dell recently acknowledged that strong sales of tablets and smartphones had impacted on PC demand. “We believe that more traditional PC players will acknowledge the impact of this cannibalization,” he said.