A second report claims Apple and Motorola will launch the long-awaited iTunes mobile phone at next month's V Festival.

American Technology Research analyst Albert Lin told TheStreet.com that Virgin Mobile UK will be one of the first mobile networks to offer the phone.

Lin also confirmed a previous Daily Telegraph report, saying the launch will occur during V Festival, though no confirmation for either claim has emerged from any of the three companies involved: Apple, Motorola, Virgin.

Apple/Moto phone sings a shy tune

Motorola had been expected to unveil the phone last Monday during a special presentation by company CEO Ed Zander.

Instead, Zander disappointed expectant customers, saying: "We're not going to launch the iTunes phone today, Steve Jobs is not going to jump out of a cake, and we're not going to launch it tomorrow," Zander said. "But it's real and it's happening. Stay tuned for iTunes."

GSM or CDMA, US readers face delay

Zander promised the co-developed handset "will be unveiled at a separate music event within the next 66 days, and shipped this quarter".

"We believe music will be the next big experience, the next big thing".

TheStreet.com warns US customers may have a longer wait until the device debuts.

"Motorola does not have a code division multiple access, or CDMA, version of the phone that could be used with Sprint's network or for that matter with Verizon's," it points out.

Sprint provides the network Virgin resells under its own brand name in the US.