Analysts remain positive in their outlook on Apple stock.

Investment adviser Nate Pile, editor of investment news source Nate's Notes, recommends buying Apple. The pundit notes the company's Mac business grew 19 per cent in its recent quarter while its iPod business grew 162 per cent. Apple is rapidly expanding its customer base.

Pile told "The 'digital lifestyle' era is still in its infancy, and I believe that Apple is at the forefront of defining what this paradigm shift will look like. The iPod/iTunes combination is clearly a huge success."

The company is well positioned to meet demand for such solutions as demand grows. Pile also anticipates Apple may make sales to the corporate market.

He supports the latter speculation by the relative security of Macs in comparison to Windows. "There are far fewer hackers writing virii for the Mac."

"All it will take is one or two high-profile companies to migrate to Apple to open the floodgates for other IT managers to realize they should consider a new platform."

"At least a few companies are contemplating a switch."