Analysts at Lehman Brothers have raised their Apple estimates, while Morgan Stanley waxes positive on the computer company's future fortunes.

Lehman Brothers analyst Harry Blount describes Apple's product introductions across the last six months the "biggest product refresh cycle in Apple's history". He expects Apple to ship 12.6 million iPods in the December quarter (up from 8.7 million) and raised his target price for Apple stock to $78 from $60.

Citing a recent in-house consumer poll, Morgan Stanley analyst Rebecca Runkle said that demand for iPods outstrips supply, with the product being the most in-demand consumer electronics item this Christmas.

Analysts at Needham & Co, Bear Sterns and the Banc of America are a little more conservative on the stock, citing concerns that the price is right at its current values.

In general terms, analysts and Mac industry veterans are all looking toward Macworld Expo San Francisco for more information to help assess Apple's future strategic plans.

Apple shares open at $71.11 this week (though they climbed to $71.15 on after-hours trading on Friday).