Apple CEO Steve Jobs' success as a 'turnaround artist' has transformed him into an icon for inspired business management, while exposing the lack of maverick entrepreneurs available to lead businesses today.

A case in point is that of TiVo. TiVo, an early innovator in the personal video recorder market is ailing, losing top executives and facing declining market options. Many industry analysts believe the firm needs inspired leadership to ,make it through its crisis.

While insisting the company is "on plan", current CEO Michael Ramsay has already revealed his intention to step down – and one week ago its president quit. Analysts now believe the company could be sold, out of business or merged "within weeks".

Looking at the limited pool of brand development and marketing-savvy executives that may be available to lead the company, Reuters says.

Forrester Research analyst Josh Bernoff sums the company's quandry up: "Saying I'd like to get someone like Steve Jobs is like saying I'd like to get someone like Al Pacino to be the lead in my movie."