Analysts are optimistic that Apple's May 1 announcements will impact positively on the company's share values.

WitSoundview analyst Mark Specker said: "Rumours are swirling on Wall Street about Apple's press event." The analyst speculates that Apple's announcement could also be the first salvo in its attack on the US education market, claims the AFX news service.

Apple pushes the iBook aggressively in the US-education market, and the evidence is stacking up that there will be a revision of the product. Some speculate the iBook will be released in a slimline Titanium configuration.

Last week, analyst Brett Miller upgraded his analysis of Apple's share value, raising it to $35. The general consensus for Apple among analysts is $30, according to the Nasdaq. Apple closed at $26.2 after Friday's trading, it's highest value since September 29, 2000 according to Nasdaq's figures.

Miller, an analyst at A G Edwards, praises Apple for "its strong niche focus and defensible market share". This has led him to upgrade the stock value beyond general consensus on Wall Street.

Miller also based his status upgrade on what he calls "upcoming catalysts" for the stock, including future products.

In the wake of Jobs' promised announcement on Tuesday May 1, Apple UK has organized its own event on May 4, to "discuss exciting announcements to be made by Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs".