Andersen Consulting is to sink $1.2 billion into 17 Dot-Com Launch Centres, designed as one-stop shops for e-commerce start-ups, the company has revealed.

The firm will take up to $1.2 billion in equity over three years from the start-ups, as compensation for its services. The centres are designed to accelerate the growth of dot-com's from funded start-ups to viable businesses.

Online experience The centres will offer Internet-experienced professional as advisors, as well as access to Andersen's software and technologies.

"The Andersen Consulting Dot-Com Launch Centres are production studios, where all the essential components of a successful enterprise can be drawn upon, as needed, and assembled at once," said Mary Tolan, Andersen Consulting's global managing partner for growth and strategy.

Centres are to be worldwide, with locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dublin, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, Milan, Palo Alto, Paris, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Tokyo.