A tool for enhancing photographic images has been released by Andromeda.

ScatterLight Lenses is a cross-platform, Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in, priced at $98. UK pricing isn’t available.

It’s the latest addition to Andromeda’s Photographic Tools and Lens Effects Software Set, created for use with both analogue and digital cameras.

The ScatterLight lenses produce patterned and diffuse lens-effects ranging from subtle, to more noticeable soft-focus effects.

There are four effects categories. The DreamOptic lens-effect ranges from subtle to dramatic, refining the richness and texture of images, and adding a glow to landscapes and stills.

SoftFocus lens effects provide varying degrees of overall softening and refinement often seen in professional portraiture.

StarLight focuses light over the brightest areas of images to create starlight effects.

Soft Diffuser is for more extreme fog and mist-effects.