The Andy Warhol Foundation has reached a deal with Corbis under which the latter firm becomes the exclusive distributor of digital Warhol art.

Following Warhol's death following gall bladder surgery in February 1987, the artist's will required that his entire estate would contribute to creating a foundation dedicated to the advancement of the visual arts.

The Andy Warhol Foundation exists to provide financial grants to arts organizations, using funds raised through the licensed use and sale of Warhol's work.

Andy Warhol Foundation director of licencing, Martin Cribbs, said: "When the foundation sought a suitable partner to facilitate the licensing and use of Warhol artwork, Corbis was a natural fit." He explained the Foundation chose Corbis because its infrastructure allows commercial righst for using such work "to be cleared in hours".

Over 500 images of Warhol artwork are now available for licensing from Corbis.