iPod scrubs is a new website offering video-like clips for existing iPod photos.

iPod photo (and present-generation iPod) owners can visit the site to download sequential image clips for their music players. These work on a similar set of principles to the flick book animations that were once popular.

Along with its gallery of downloadable clips (which it describes as being, "as pointless as photos on your iPod, but mildly amusing"), the site also offers tutorials to help users create new ones, and will accept and distribute these as they are submitted.

The site explains: "The tactility of the iPod clickwheel can not only be used to navigate your music or photo collection; it can also support the illusion of movement based on the same principles as traditional flick book animations.

"Digital artists and animators using applications such as Maya, or even Flash, can test their animations by "scrubbing" the playhead backwards and forwards on the timeline."

A podscrub takes the same mechanism and applies it to the functionality of an iPod.