Apple's move to litigate against the Mac rumour sites has added credibility to those news sources.

While international news gathering organizations have in the past regarded such rumours with a pinch of salt, Apple's move to litigate against the journalists driving that part of the Mac Web has actually focused attention on their work.

It has also served to underline that these sites are often accurate in their claims.

One of the litigated-against sites, PowerPage, yesterday published a story that would until earlier this year have been disregarded by most news gatherers as a rumour.

While it remains a rumour, the new focus on the site means news sources across the planet are once again being teased by Apple-related potential product news.

The report claims Apple to be working on a new mini laptop, which runs a "stripped-down version of OS X", uses a technology that lets users "write anywhere", with the entire device folding up to fit in a pocket.

While the story may once have been dismissed while the search for evidence continued, the newly-legitimized Mac rumour Web is certain to attract attention.

This despite Apple CEO Steve Jobs' previous assertions that his company is not interested in the PDA-like portable device market.