AOL UK has no immediate plans to recommence development of a Mac OS X version of its browser, chief communications officer Matt Peacock told Macworld yesterday.

The company continues to monitor Mac OS X adoption in the UK, he confirmed. He claimed: "AOL UK supports the Macintosh as a platform. It believes in it."

The company's UK business unit scrapped the development of a Mac OS X client for its UK customers last November. At that time, Peacock observed: "It's not possible for us to justify the considerable investment required to create a new localized version of our browser for a niche-market platform such as OS X."

Standing firm Despite unconfirmed reports of pressure being bought to bear on AOL UK by Apple and AOL US, the company's position hasn't changed. Peacock said: "It's not a decision not to develop a Mac OS X client. We are watching to see how the market develops."

AOL US released a Mac OS X-compatible browser in the US in December. Peacock said: "Despite that release, there's still much work to be done to localize the AOL for X for the UK. But once the operating system has achieved sufficient volume in the market, we'll be there." He was unable to define sufficient volume. "It's hard to put a number on it," he said.

Yesterday, Amazon UK released figures revealing that Mac OS X 10.1 was the sixth biggest-selling Mac software title on its site last week.

Opinion poll Peacock revealed that AOL has been speaking with Mac-using AOL members to determine their thoughts. AOL UK will also publish a form-based feedback Web page on its site to garner more opinions regarding its lack of Mac OS X support on Friday afternoon (February 22). This form will be open to members only (Keyword: Mac). Non-members can write to Macworld UK – and we'll pass the messages on.

"AOL UK has been speaking with Apple UK for quite some time," he revealed. He added: "It's considering Mac OS X adoption data that's already available, as well as feedback from our own members and research we have commissioned ourselves."

The company is looking at Mac shipments, and user migration rates, he revealed. However, AOL UK hasn't altered its decision to suspend work on an OS X client at this time. "There's no real change yet," Peacock revealed.