Tenon Intersystems has announced a new choice for Macintosh Webmasters and developers. The OS X Transition package offers a point and click Apache, DNS and FTP server for Mac OS, Mac OS X server and Mac OS X, with technical assistance to help Macintosh Webmasters move to a new platform.

WebSTAR customers can purchase the OS X Transition Package for only $795 for a limited time, this includes WebTen 3.0, NetTen 1.4, iTools 5.0, a free upgrade to iTools for OS X and technical support for each transition.

WebTen uses the popular Apache Web server engine. The Apache engine is used on over six million Web sites worldwide. Tenon has taken Apache and extended it with specific security and Macintosh features to make a unique Apache for the Macintosh platform. Tenon’s Mac OS-based Apache runs in a pre-emptive multitasking environment and can sustain over 1,100 hits per second. Tenon’s flavour of Apache supports WebSTAR plug-ins, AppleScript CGI’s and more.

More information about, and test versions of WebTen, NetTen and iTools are all downloadable from Tenon’s Web site.