On Saturday 25 May, a vintage Apple 1 computer, from 1976, was sold at an auction in Germany for 500,000 euros ($647,100 or £427,326).

The lucky buyer is said to be from the "Far East" and wants to remain anonymous, according to the auctioneer. The computer was signed by Steve Wozniak. It is believed to be one of only 46 remaining, out of about 200, and one of 6 working Apple 1 computers. The Apple 1 was built by Apple's co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Jobs' garage.

Previously, an Apple 1 was sold for over 490,000 euros (that's $633,000 or £418,000). It seems like the older they get, the more they can be sold for. The Apple 1 sold in Germany came with a tape-player, a keyboard and an original monitor; it's documentation was signed by Steve Jobs himself which makes it an even more prized possession.

The author of The First Apple, Bob Luther, stated: "Well, the Apple 1 - there were only 200 built and they came out of the garage of Steve Jobs. And then Apple had a trading program, because they wanted to bring them back, so they destroyed a lot of trade-ins. So, there are about 46 of them remaining today. It's really the holy grail of collectible technology."

Marcelina Zwegrodzka is the author of this Apple blog.