Apple is completely out of stock of 1GB iPod shuffles.

Consumers who want to buy the high-capacity version of the company's entry-level music player can still find the device from thrid party retailers, but not at the Apple Store online in both the UK and US.

Apple describes the 1GB iPod shuffle as: "Currently unavailable," adding that it is, "sold out for the holidays and we hope to have supply again later in January."

The £88.99 product offers double the music capacity of the £69 entry-level model. Disappointed shoppers may opt for the lower-capacity product, or choose to buy a £139 2GB iPod nano instead.

However, it looks like stocks of the 4GB iPod nano are also running short - while the 2GB model is ready to ship in two days, the higher-capacity unit now has a two week waiting time.

Both iterations of the iPod with video (the £219 30GB and £299 60GB models) remain available, with a three-day wait.

The iPod nano remains the top-selling item on Apple's website store, closely followed by the iPod (with video).

Apple's family of music players also account for five of the top ten biggest-selling products on Amazon UK's "Hot 25 MP3 and digital audio" sellers this morning.