Apple US has excelled once again in Laptop Magazine's annual tech support showdown.

The title ran a similar test last year, when it secretly put tech support desks to the test.

This year the magazine approached the support desks at nine major firms, asking two support questions: "How do I clean up the icons on my desktop" and "how to I defragment my hard drive".

Apple received an 'A' grade in the Web, Phone, and Overall categories to go along with its overall 'A' from last year's test.

The company also won praise because its tech support operators where prepared to assist, even though the notebooks had been in Laptop magazine's possession for longer than the 90-days Apple offers new users free telephone support.

"When LAPTOP went undercover a year ago to assess the quality of notebook tech support, we were pleasantly surprised by the relatively brief hold times and by how quickly first-level technicians grasped and solved our problems," the magazine writes.

The full article is available here.