Apple has an iTunes coup in the Far East - the region's largest PC distributor is pre-installing the software in its own-brand computers.

citing local news source, the Commercial Times, a report on DigiTimes states: "Synnex Technology International yesterday announced it will bundle Apple's online music player software, iTunes, with its Lemel notebooks and desktop PCs."

In May, Founder, one of the largest PC suppliers to the Chinese market, and Apple announced that every Founder PC would ship with Apple’s iTunes inside.

“Digital music is becoming very important in the Chinese PC market, and Apple’s iTunes is the runaway market leader,” said Wei Xin, chairman of Founder Group and Founder Technology.

Synnex is largest distributor in Asia and the Asia Pacific. It distributes over 270 brands and 4,500 items, including Intel, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Compaq, Seagate, Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, and Sony.

It serves over 20,000 customers, including 16,000 dealers, with operations in Taiwan, Asia, Australia and Hong Kong.