Apple has announced the acquisition of Zayante, manufacturer of IEEE 1394 (aka FireWire) silicon.

The union is designed to promote the technology and signifies Apple’s commitment to FireWire, according to Jon Rubinstein, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering: “By acquiring Zayante, Apple is extending its commitment to FireWire as the premiere, high-speed digital interface solution.

“FireWire is the best technology to connect digital devices that need to transfer lots of data quickly – such as transferring an entire CD from your Mac to your iPod in seconds.”

Breathing FireWire FireWire is a high-speed serial input/output technology for connecting digital devices such as digital camcorders and cameras to desktop and portable computers.

The standard was conceived in 1986 by Apple technologists who chose the trademark FireWire – referring to its speed of operation. It was adopted in 1995 as the IEEE 1394 standard.

It has since been embraced by digital peripheral companies such as Sony, Canon, JVC and Kodak and also forms the key part of Apple’s digital hub strategy.

Zayante’s IEEE 1394 silicon is used by manufacturers to make 1394-compliant products.