Apple has purchased video-effects technologies from Prismo Graphics, according to MacCentral. The company's products include India Titler Pro, which creates animated titles and Motion Graphics. It appears likely that Apple will use the technologies to revamp its iMovie and Final Cut Pro applications.

"Apple has acquired technologies from Prismo Graphics, a developer of motion graphics for broadcast and digital video projects, including their DVFonts and India special effects software," an Apple spokesperson said in a statement to MacCentral. "Apple intends to use the acquired technologies in future products."

With India Titler Pro you can animate fonts in various effects – including pyrotechnic and metal-look guises – and add from hundreds of background textures. A simple scripting language, called EffectScript, is included for creating new effects The finished titles are exported as QuickTime movies.

The applications looks and works rather like the venerable TypeStyler program.

In February 2002, Apple acquired Nothing Real for its flagship product Shake - a high-speed compositing software optimized for high-resolution visual effects. Last week Apple acquired Silicon Grail and the RAYZ and Chalice product lines.

Macworld reviewed India Titler Pro in its February issue, praising it for its "simple, innovative interface" and "huge array of effects and animated fonts".