Apple is playing hardball with some of the world's leading Mac writers - applying major pressure to suppress publication of a biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple has taken all titles published by John Wiley & Sons down from its retail store shelves across the USA. Silicon Valley Mercury News describes the move as "retaliation" for the upcoming publication of the Jobs bio.

The offending title is called, "iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business," and is written by Jeffrey Young and William Simon. You can read excerpts here.

Wiley executive Kitt Allan said: "It became increasingly clear that Apple was not happy with the publication of the book." Apple removed the titles from its shelves, "but, of course, Wiley stands behind our authors," Allan said.

Mac authors affected by Apple's actions include the likes of David Pogue and Andy Ihnatko. Ihnatko said: "I'm very, very proud that my publisher decided to stick by an author and not decide to pull a book."

Apple's actions come as the company engages in litigation that many media professionals fear could undermine the US First Amendment.