Apple is fitting its new iBook with ATI's Rage Mobility 128 graphics chip.

Rage Mobility 128 will beef up graphics on the new iBooks, offering 3D images, 32-bit colour and an integrated DVD decoder that will display full-frame rate DVD movies.

The newly released iBook has a 12.1-inch CTFT (colour thin film transistor) display with a 1,024-x-768 pixel resolution and a CD-RW/DVD Combo drive.

The laptop weighs 2.22kg (4.9 pounds) and is 1.3 inches thick. The iBook is encased in white polycarbonate. The standard CD-ROM-equipped iBook costs £935. The DVD-ROM iBook is £1,105, and the CD-ROM/DVD iBook costs £1,360. The CD-RW-equipped iBook is now a build-to-order option priced at £1,190.